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FELMINGHAM - Introduction

Now in its 20th year, we would like to welcome again all Clubs, old and new to the 2016 Seniors knockout competition known affectionately as ‘The Felmingham’.

For 2016 we will have 29 Clubs competing, with 2 Clubs dropping out from last years list, these being Richlings Park & Stanmore. We do believe however, they will rejoin next year if there is room. This loss has been compensated for by the inclusion of Stockley Park who will be joining us for their first time.

Last years winners, Moor Park, have had their name added to the Felmingham honours board, see below, and are keen this year to defend their title.

Over the years that we have been running this competition, it has been pointed out to us a few times, that Clubs drawn at home have a clear advantage and winning at home keeps them at home for the next round. In the past we have put this down to the ‘luck of the draw’. This year however, we have decided to address this issue and for a 1 year trial period, rather than re-draw every round, we have adopted the suggested preferred option of giving each visiting team member an extra shot to their gross handicap, with full handicap allowance still applying, for each match. We hope this will work to everyone’s satisfaction. If not, we will review it for 2017.

The 2016 rules have been amended accordingly.

The 2016 draw took place on Wednesday 2nd March, and can be seen by ‘clicking’ on the bold 2016 Draw tab on the right hand side of this page. The new 2016 Club Contacts can also similarly be found by ‘clicking’ on the Contacts tab on the same page. You may have noticed that we have brought the Felmingham website ‘in house’. This gives us more control and makes the results updating easier. We hope you like it.

We hope also that you all have another enjoyable year of Senior’s golf and we look forward to hearing from you about the likes and dislikes of our new handicap rule change as the year progresses.

By the way we have discontinued the Twitter feed and if you are like us you will understand why!!!  

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