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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you don’t see the answer to any question you may have about membership below, please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help – call 020 8997 0937 or complete the form below.

    • Is there a waitlist?

      We will inform you at the time of your application, if we have a waitlist for the specific category, you are applying for.

    • Do I need to know a member to join?

      Ealing Golf Club is a welcoming and a friendly club – we do accept applications without a proposal.

    • New to Golf

      We welcome new golfers to the game, as we have suitable membership’s available.

    • Can I get a handicap?

      Yes. Affiliation to England Golf is included in your subscription.

    • Do I have to have a handicap?

      No. You will only need a handicap, if you wish to play in competitions.

    • Can I play in competitions?

      With a handicap you may play in our regular competitions and also roll-ups.

      A few major ‘board’ competitions and restricted events are only available to Full members.

    • Will I be able to play with members from other membership categories?

      Absolutely – The club has an active programme to introduce you to as many members, as you’d like to meet.

    • Can I bring guests to the club?

      Please do! The club welcomes members guests, we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere.

    • Can I sign up for Club sections?

      You are automatically added, as the Club has a number of active sections that run their own events.

    • Will I be able to attend social events, bringing family and friends?

      We would love to see you, family and friends at all times.

    • How do I book a tee time?

      Our online tee booking system is the easiest option.

    • Can I just turn up and play?

      Yes, but we would recommend checking online or with the Pro Shop in advance.