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March 2019

We are making some changes to help make junior golf at Ealing more attractive.

We have always had an active junior section at Ealing and want to maintain that, and not least make it easier for members to introduce their children to golf. In line with national trends, numbers have been falling away over the past couple of years and we want to rebuild to around 50 (which on past experience is a comfortable level for us to ).

The changes (backdated to renewals and new memberships from 1 January) are:

     §  Annual membership subs for 14-18s will be reduced to £250

     §  Annual subs for under 14s will be £200

     §  In addition, the children (or grandchildren) of Full members will receive a 50% discount on these rates, with a 25% discount for the children of golf members in other categories.

This of course relates to membership and most children aren’t ready for this as a first step. As previously, talk to Ricky and Neil about the tuition schemes they have to get Juniors (as well as adults) into golf and ready for membership.  

Members with children should also note that we welcome them using the practice ground and facilities with their children to get a taste of golf, and also taking them out on the course and letting them hit some balls at quieter times (please let the Pro Shop know first).

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