At the AGM on 1st November I was inaugurated as EGC Captain. So this is my first update on the web site I thought I should introduce myself - especially for those of you who do not know me.

My name is Mark Stanton (see picture above an if you still don't recognise me then look out for somebody playing in shorts throughout the whole year!). I have been an active member at EGC for the past 27 years, including being First Team and Tigers Captain, and an regular visitor to the spike bar My current handicap is 6 and I am hoping to improve that through the year with many games with Ricky and other members. Please look out for the captain and Pro challenge and put your name down to play against us.

If we haven't met then please look out for me around the club and come and have a chat - I will be delighted to meet you. I will be happy to talk to you about any issues, concerns or problems you may have and I will see what I can do to help

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