Course open: Temporary tee on the 8th.
Felmingham Trophy

FELMINGHAM - Introduction

The competition for the coveted Felmingham Trophy is back on again for 2022. Hooray Hats in the air!

The same number of 30 well established Clubs have already signed up for 2022 and a special ‘Kick Off’ event to give the competition a proper send off has been arranged at Ealing on Tuesday 14th September.

It will be attended by both the 2022 Clubs Seniors captains and main contact person for a friendly game of golf, a 3 course meal afterwards followed by the ‘Draw’ for next year.

More importantly, it will be a wonderful opportunity to renew old friendships, form new ones and generally have fun after what has been a torrid couple of golfing years.


   Another bit of good news is that the entrance fee for 2022 has already been paid for those Clubs that registered for the 2020 competition and was subsequently cancelled.

Remember to check your World Handicap arrangements as this system will now be the basis of all handicaps, home or away, for all future Felmingham competitions.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Ealing in September and hope it will go some way of thanking you all for your support over the last 24 years.

Felmingham Committee
August 2021



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