Felmingham Trophy

FELMINGHAM - Introduction

Now in its 22nd year, we would like to welcome again all Clubs, old and new to the 2018 Seniors' knockout competition known affectionately as ‘The Felmingham’.

For 2018 we will have 29 Clubs competing, with 3 Clubs dropping out from last years list, these being Batchworth Park, Hendon and Ashford Manor. We do believe however, they will rejoin next year if there is room. This loss has been compensated for by the inclusion of Highgate G.C who will be joining us for their first time.

Last years winners, Muswell Hill, have had their name added (again) to the Felmingham honours board, see below, and are keen this year to defend their title. Who will stop them this year?

The addition of one shot to visiting teams handicaps will be continued again for 2018 with the current CONGU handicapping rules for individual matchplay applying.

The 2018 rules have been amended accordingly.

The 2018 draw took place on Wednesday 7th March, and can be seen by ‘clicking’ on the bold 2018 Draw and Results tab on the left hand side of this page.

Due to the new GDPR 2018 data protection requirements, the new 2018 Club contact details page has been removed and has been replaced by the equivalent lists being sent to each of the 2018 named contacts. Sorry about this, but the alternatives would be too difficult to manage. Hope you all understand.

Updates, if any, will be handled in the same way.

The results advice service will be unchanged.

No higher limit has been imposed to players handicaps, after the recent CONGU changes. This is due to the competitive nature of this event with Clubs tending to select their team from Seniors with medium to low handicaps.

 We hope that you all have another enjoyable year of Seniors' golf.  


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