Frost delay: carry only


The 2020 Competition organising committee will again consist of the same people as the last few years and they are Ray Trainor, Alun Lloyd & Les Wiltshire all from Ealing G.C.

Ray and his team never seem to rest, constantly keeping in contact with all existing affiliated Clubs and speaking as well with new Clubs who are interested in joining the Felmingham ‘club’ to make sure the target of 32 clubs taking part each year is maintained.

It is always handy to hear from clubs, well in advance, of their 2020 intentions to participate and also confirming details of the main contacts. This can be done anytime by email to ‘’ and he will pass this on to all concerned.

The complete contact list again this year will be sent to each named Club contact representative.

We are always interested to hear from any Club about any aspect of this great competition.