Course status: Maintenance, priority to the groundstaff team


1. All competitors must be 60 years of age or over and must have an active WHS handicap

2. Teams will consist of nine players producing nine singles matches

3. All singles matches to be played over 18 holes. One point for a win and half a point for a draw. In the event of the match being tied after eight games have been completed then the last remaining game still on the course will continue from the first tee to a sudden death finish to decide the winner.

4. All matches to be played under the WHS handicap allowance and off the yellow tees of the day.

5. The date of the draw will be specified in advance each year and all entries must be received prior to that date.

6. Each Captain will produce a sheet showing his order of play before exchanging the list with the opposing Captain. It is recommended that this be in handicap order, lowest first, unless otherwise agreed by the two captains.

7. Any disputes must be dealt with on the day by both Captains.

8. After-match meals must be paid for by all players on the match day.

9. Semi-finals will be played on neutral courses. The neutral course will normally be held at one of the other competing semi-finalists venues.

10. The Final will be played at Ealing unless Ealing Seniors are involved in the Final when an alternative course will be arranged. 

11. In the event of matches being suspended as a result of the course being unplayable, then it shall be resumed from where it was discontinued even though the resumption occurs on a subsequent day. The results of all games completed prior to the suspension of play will stand.

12. These Rules are as amended in September 2021 and replace any previous Rules.