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Middlesex Tigers B Rules

League Format

As agreed at the pre-season meeting for 2018, the format shall be 3 separate leagues comprising 3, 3, and 4 teams, playing each other home and away. The semi-finals shall consist of the winners of each league plus the best runner up, determined by the highest average of points scored per game. Semi-finals will be played home and away, but if BOTH teams agree, they may play one match on a neutral course. The final will be one match on a neutral course.

Match Format

Matches will comprise 3 fourball games played off scratch in a fourball better ball match play format over 18 holes. Teams will play each other on a home and away basis, for league and semi-final matches, with the final being played on a neutral course. One point is awarded for a win and half a point is awarded for a tied match.

Determining Winners of the League

Following the completion of all matches in the League, the club with the greater total of points scored shall be the winner. For semi-final matches the choice of playing the second leg of the play-off at home shall be decided on the toss of a coin made by the League Organiser.

In the event of teams finishing with the same number of points in the league, the winner shall be decided on the aggregate score from the fixtures between these teams. If the scores are still level, the winner shall be decided by the team with the highest number of away points from all matches played.

In the event that the total points scored in a semi-final are equal at the end of the second leg, or at the end of the final, the winning team will be determined on a sudden death basis. Each captain shall nominate one of the pairs playing in the second leg to play extra holes against a nominated pair from the opposing team on a sudden death basis until there is a winner.


Please note that the rules regarding eligibility for participating teams and players are based on the Bullivant Bowl competition rules agreed by the Middlesex Golf League.


Any member golf club in the county of Middlesex is eligible to apply to enter a team into the league. Applications can be made through any of the existing clubs currently playing in the League. Acceptance of the application will be confirmed at the pre season meeting.


Each member of a team must be a bona fide member of the club they represent. The basic concept of the league is to create competitive inter-club competition for players in the handicap range between 8 and 12 who are not being selected to play in the Middlesex Tigers A teams. However, any player with a handicap of 6.5 and above (no upper limit), on the day of a match is eligible to play, and there is no restriction regarding players who may also represent their clubs in Tigers A.

Team Captains/Deputies

Each team must nominate a captain and, if possible, a deputy to represent their respective club in the organisation of the League. The contact details for team captains and their deputies should include a home telephone number, business or mobile telephone number and an e-mail address for the individual or their golf club depending on which is available.

Arranging Fixtures

Fixtures should be completed between the months of March and end-August, to allow the semi-finals to be played in September, and the final in late September / early October.

Dates for the fixtures should be agreed by mutual consent between the Team Captains at the pre-season meeting, which will be held in January of each year. With only six players involved in each match in a season stretching over 7 months, and the potential to select a greater number of players across a broad handicap range, it is expected that all fixtures should be completed.

All reasonable efforts must be made to play all matches within the allotted times. Where a fixture has been cancelled, both teams must make reasonable attempts to rearrange the fixture. If one club is clearly responsible for the cancellation, despite the best efforts of the other club to re-arrange it, then they will forfeit the match 3-0. If neither club is responsible (for example due to course closure) the match will be drawn 11/2 – 11/2.

Confirmation of Fixtures

All Captains should inform the League Organiser of their fixtures as they are arranged, and for each fixture the Team Captain or his deputy from the team playing at home should re-confirm the date and tee off time for the match no later than one week before the due date with his opposite number. The Team Captain or his deputy for the away team should contact his opposite number if this confirmation is not received. Either way, it is the responsibility of both Captains to make contact with each other at least one week before a fixture is due to be played.


The Captains of both sides are responsible for notifying the League Organiser of the match result no later than the Monday following the match.

Pre-Season Meeting

The pre-season meeting should be held in January of each year and should include the following:

  • Discussion of matters arising from the preceding season
  • Agreement of the League format for the forthcoming season
  • Confirmation of Team Captains and deputies for all participating clubs
  • Updating of the contact list
  • Presentation of the League Trophy
  • Organisation of fixtures for the following season
Responsibilities of the League Organiser

The responsibilities of the League Organiser are as follows:

  • To collate and distribute a contact list with details of all team captains/deputies including those of the League Organiser.
  • To record details of all fixtures and results.
  • To distribute a monthly update of the fixture list and league table throughout the season, preferably via a website.
  • To notify details of the pre-season meeting and to record and communicate decisions taken at the meeting on the running of the League to all participating clubs.