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    About The Felmingham Trophy

    The Felmingham Trophy was established in 1996 in memory of John Felmingham, a respected and popular member of Ealing Golf Club.

    On his unfortunate death, he left behind a very generous bequest and the money was used to help redevelop the clubhouse and as part of these developments it was decided to re-name the spike bar “The Felmingham Bar”. The name can be clearly seen today as you enter the main entrance to the Club.John was also a very active member of the Seniors section and they decided that a more recognisable memorial should be organised in his memory.

    They subsequently purchased a Claret Jug now known as the “Felmingham Trophy” and decided to organise an inter-club senior’s competition which would play for this trophy on an annual basis. This unique idea was readily taken up by many other Clubs and quickly the competition was adopted as a regular event with stronger and stronger teams being put forward. There is no handicap limit, so it is attractive to all eligible players. The teams consist of 9 players from the senior’s section, over 60, and matches are played using a singles matchplay format on a straight knock-out basis. In 2012 the Trophy was competed for by 21 established Clubs. Due to its popularity, in 2013, this number has increased to 29 with the distinct possibility that this will be increased further to the maximum of 32 in the near future. The Clubs are relatively close to each other from the Middlesex and the surrounding area. See the list of Clubs participating by selecting the ‘Draw sheet’ from the menu above.

    The competition continues to be run by Ealing for the benefit of all participating clubs.

    he Final is always played at Ealing golf club unless Ealing are involved, in which case an alternative venue would be arranged. There is also a meal arranged after the final for both teams, their caddies and officials.

    An annual entry fee is charged, currently £25 per team, to cover administration and a souvenir trophy and individual medals for both teams.