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    Felmingham Trophy – Introduction

    The Felmingham Trophy Club get together at Ealing, last September, to kick start the Felmingham 2022 competition after 2 previous years without one was a great success… apart from the weather!

    All 30 participating Clubs were represented, we had a great meal, a lot of inter club chat and an ideal opportunity for the renewal of old friendships. A good time was had by all.

    We also made the draw for this year’s competition together with setting the ‘play by’ dates for all rounds. See the draw sheet on the appropriate tab of this site.

    Since that event we have been able to add one more prestigious Club to the fold. They are The Shire located in Barnet Nth London. Please give them a big welcome.

    We are still looking for one more club to make the round figure of 32. Any qualified suggestions please pass to Ray Trainor our lead organiser on ‘[email protected]’.

    Remember to check your World handicap arrangements as this system will now be the basis of all individual handicaps home and away.

    Have you got YOUR Felmingham team organised yet? May 13th is not far away!

    Don’t forget the only consideration is age.

    Have a great year and good luck and good health to everyone.
    Ealing Felmingham committee February 2022