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    Rules & Dress Code

    Rules & Etiquette

    • You leave the course as you would wish to find it, replacing divots, raking bunkers and repairing pitch marks.
    • Avoid slow play by keeping up with the game in front. Please invite the group behind to play through should your group be more than one whole hole behind the group in front.
    • Mobile phones are permitted on the course for emergency use only and should be switched off or kept on silent mode.
    • Mobile phones are allowed in the clubhouse, please use passively.

    Dress Code – On Course

    • Dress permitted on the course is golf clothing of the type that could be bought in the Pro shop or any other golf specialist stores.
    • Any types of or colour of denim, paramilitary or camouflage style trousers, combat trousers or tracksuits are not allowed.
    • Shorts should be tailored and worn with sports socks; football, beach and running shorts are not acceptable.
    • Golf shirts should have collars and sleeves; T shirts, vests, rugby or football style shirts are not acceptable.
    • Shoes must be designed specifically for golf, with soft not metal spikes.

    Dress Code – Clubhouse

    • Dress in the clubhouse is smart casual throughout.
    • Soft spiked golf shoes are permitted in our Felmingham Bar area only.
    • No hats may be worn inside our clubhouse.